The US East Coast

The United States' East Coast is home to one of the largest and most important economies in the world. Read on for your guide to travelling to and doing business in this dynamic region


Against all the odds and the predictions of pollsters, Republican Donald Trump swept into the White House in the US presidential election in November. His party also won control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate for the first time since 2005-2007.

All of which has left the world scratching its corporate head about what the unpredictable new President will do having assumed office in January. For the UK, the big issue is trade with our largest single overseas market, and with Trump rumoured to be receptive, a new and fruitful deal seems likely.

The stakes are high. This is a market of more than 300million consumers expanding at a moderate pace, supported mainly by solid private consumption, the high-profile services sector and manufacturing.

And despite facing challenges at the domestic level, along with a rapidly changing global landscape, the US economy remains the largest and most important in the world. It represents around 20% of total global output – still larger than that of China – and features a highly developed and technologically advanced services sector in areas such as finance, healthcare and retail.

But while the services sector is the main engine of the economy, the US also has a major manufacturing base. In fact, it is the world’s second-largest manufacturer, at the forefront in higher-value industries such as automobiles, aerospace, machinery, telecoms and chemicals.

Also growing in importance over the past decade has been the controversial shale oil and natural gas industry, with a new combination of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing offering access to previously untappable resources.

All this, however, is a fragile edifice dependent on the new administration’s policy developments, which economists say will be of make or break importance in the future.

UK exporters seeking business opportunities should take heart from the Department for International Trade’s forecast that the spectrum of opportunities has the potential to deliver almost £3billion in export value to the UK economy. Here, it has identified good sales prospects in aerospace, technology, food and drink, the automobile industry and energy – all areas in which the UK has proven experience.

Getting to the US East Coast to sell that experience and capability is a doddle. There are more than 400 flights a week to the cities in our survey – New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Miami – from London and regional gateways like Birmingham, Belfast, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow. In fact, London to New York City is the busiest long-haul passenger route from any European airport.

If Donald comes up trumps with a favourable US-UK trade deal, heading across the Atlantic could be among the smartest moves your company will make this year.

British Airways:
Operates 57 flights a week from Heathrow to New York JFK; 14 a week to New York Newark; 24 a week to Boston; 14 a week to Philadelphia; 14 a week to Miami and 13 a week to Washington DC. BA also operates five flights a week from Gatwick to New York JFK.

Virgin Atlantic:
32 flights a week from Heathrow to New York JFK; 6 a week to New York Newark; 13 a week to Miami; 7 a week to Boston; and 6 a week to Washington DC.

American Airlines:
Up to 28 flights a week from Heathrow to New York JFK; 14 a week to Miami; and 14 a week to Philadelphia. From Manchester: 7 a week to both New York JFK and Philadelphia. From Scotland: 7 a week from Edinburgh to New York JFK and 7 a week from Glasgow to Philadelphia. From Ireland: 7 a week from Shannon to Philadelphia; 7 a week from Dublin to both Philadelphia and New York JFK.

Delta Air Lines:
Operates 21 flights a week from Heathrow to New York JFK; 7 a week to Boston; and 7 a week to Philadelphia. It also operates 7 flights a week from Manchester to New York JFK

United Airlines:
operates flights to New York Newark 35 times a week from London Heathrow; 4 a week from Birmingham; 7 a week from Edinburgh; 7 a week from Glasgow; and 7 a week from Manchester. It also operates 21 flights a week from Heathrow to Washington DC.

7 flights a week from Gatwick to New York JFK; 4 flights a week from Gatwick to Boston.

Kuwait Airways has 3 flights a week from Heathrow to New York JFK. Pakistan International has 2 flights a week from Manchester to New York JFK.

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