May 20, 2024

Greener skies

As part of its efforts to encourage more sustainable flying, Lufthansa Group has launched Green Fares. We spoke to Heinrich Lange, Senior Director Sales Northern Europe

In a nutshell, what are Green Fares?

Green Fares are a new product for more climate-friendly flying as the fares already include offsetting of flight-related CO² emissions. This is achieved by using 20% Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) and 80% by contributing to high-quality climate protection projects. Green Fares are available on more than 730,000 flights a year within Europe with Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, SWISS, Edelweiss, Eurowings Discover and Air Dolomiti.

What is the price point?

Adding another pillar to the Lufthansa Group fare structure, Economy Green sits alongside Economy Classic and Economy Flex fares and Business Green with Business Saver and Business Flex.

What are the other benefits?

Green Fares offer an additional 20% status miles, 20% award miles and a free rebooking option.

How can Green Fares be booked?

Green Fares are available for individual customers and corporate partners and can be booked on each of the Lufthansa Group airlines’ websites as well as through NDC. What other options are you offering to corporates who want to fly more sustainably? For corporate customers, Sustainable Corporate Value Fares are offered, also with a ratio of 20% CO² reduction via SAF and 80% CO² offsetting by contribution to climate protection projects. It is also possible to purchase SAF directly from the Lufthansa Group, where the corporate customer will receive an official CO² mitigation certificate to deduct Scope 3 emission for its ecological balance reporting. In addition, PartnerPlusBenefit points can be redeemed for the purchase of SAF or to offset an organisation’s CO² footprint through climate protection projects via a high quality portfolio from Lufthansa Group partners such as myclimate.

What has the response been since the fares were launched in February?

The Green Fares were successfully tested in Scandinavia last year and were launched in Europe this spring. The demand is on track with our expectations and further indicates a growing interest in sustainable travel. We are confident that by the end of 2023 at least 5% of our guests will offset the CO² emissions of their flight through one of our various carbon offset options. We are encouraged by the fact that today, 10% of the overall offsetting is done by SAF.

What is Lufthansa’s sustainability strategy?

By 2030 the Lufthansa Group wants to halve its net CO² emissions compared to our footprint in 2019 through reduction and compensation measures. On top of that, we aim to achieve a neutral CO² balance by 2050. Lufthansa Group was the first airline group in Europe with a science-based CO² reduction target in line with the goals of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, which is a validation that underlines our engagement and commitment.

Apart from Green Fares, what other sustainable measures are you implementing?

We are investing billions of euros in fleet modernisation and are continuously optimising our flight operations to reduce emissions from flying. We are supporting climate science by providing flying climate labs with partners. We are also taking action to reduce waste, to eliminate the use of single-use plastic and aluminium on our flights, and to introduce additional measures that will reduce the noise emissions from flying.