April 22, 2024

Global Sustainable Tourism Council

OVERVIEW: The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) was established by UN agencies together with NGOs and the private sector to act as an independent organisation. It is now playing a critical role as the leading global authority in providing guidance for the development and management of sustainability practices in travel and tourism. Based on the GSTC’s extensive knowledge base, the Sustainable Tourism Training Program offers both global and regional perspectives relevant to tourism industry stakeholders at various stages of sustainability adoption and development.

IG Management and TravelHorst teamed up in 2020 to develop the GSTC Sustainable Business Travel Course, which focuses on corporate and business travel, providing the knowledge and tools needed to help improve sustainability practices.

IGM / TravelHorst share the vision of a world in which companies fully live up to their responsibilities and act sustainably and responsibly in the business travel sector. This includes clear commitments to ecological actions within the economic framework. Travel on behalf of a company will therefore only be authorised if necessary and all accompanying factors – ecologically sensible means of transport, security, and social standards – are guaranteed.

KEY FACTS: Founders: IGM by Bernard Harrop in 2007 / TravelHorst by Horst Bayer in 2016
Experience: IGM / TravelHorst have more than 70 years of combined experience in the corporate business travel industry that includes experience with TMCs, airlines, travel management and business travel Consulting.
Geographic reach: Global

CREDENTIALS: Since launch, IGM / TravelHorst have trained more than 150 corporate travel managers, travel consultants and professionals in the business travel industry from 26 different countries.

PROPRIETARY PROPOSITION: The only UN certified course in the business travel industry, delivered online over four weeks by industry sustainability experts Bernard Harrop and Horst Bayer.

The GSTC Sustainable Business Travel course uses the GSTC Criteria, the global standards for sustainability in travel and tourism, as a reference point during the course, and incorporates best practice presentations, case studies and in-depth advice and consultation on how to implement sustainability practices in business travel.

Besides the Sustainable Business Travel Training Courses, IGM / TravelHorst advise and support companies in the development of sustainable travel management practices and assist in the negotiations with selected internal and external partners and organisations to implement the actions. They analyse a company’s business travel program in terms of sustainability and create alternative proposals, set priorities, targets, and success criteria.

TARGET MARKET: IGM / TravelHorst is targeted at individuals in the business travel industry as well as corporations from all sectors who want to implement sustainable best-practices and become an ambassador for sustainable business travel.

COMMERCIAL MODEL: IGM / TravelHorst charge a registration fee for their Sustainable Business Travel Courses as well as a consulting fee for corporations, depending on type and scope of the project.

BLACK BOX VERDICT: This is the only UN certified course built specifically for the business travel industry, created and delivered by industry sustainability heavyweights, Bernard Harrop & Horst Bayer. I believe it’s a must for all businesses within the business travel eco system to enable key personnel to make informed decisions on how to implement sustainability practices for their organisation, providing in-depth knowledge to develop viable and actionable sustainable policies and practices.

Reviewed by Paula Cullen, Black Box Partnerships