May 28, 2024

Gen Z most likely to extend business trips

Just under eight in 10 business travellers say they have extended a business trip in the last year, according to research from American Express.

According to the latest American Express Business Travel Trendex, 77% of business travellers extended their trip in order to work remotely from their travel location while 79% added on extra days for leisure travel.

Highlighting generational trends, Gen Z workers were found to be significantly more likely than their older counterparts to have extended a business trip in the past year to work remotely (87%) or for leisure travel (91%).

Millennials (86%) are most likely to see the appeal of leveraging business trips as a cost-effective way to travel.

The Trendex was based on a poll of 1,007 full-time employees who have travelled by air for work more than twice in the past 12 months and submit their own travel expenses, plus a survey of 501 business travel decision makers, defined as those who manage and/or make decisions about their company’s business travel programmes.