March 28, 2023

Former PM to speak at WTTC Global Summit in Saudi Arabia

Former Prime Minister Theresa May has been confirmed as a keynote speaker at The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) Global Summit in Saudi Arabia.

The event, which takes place from November 28 to December 1 in Riyadh, will allow industry leaders to meet with government officials from across the globe to address the challenges ahead and ensure a safer, more resilient, inclusive and sustainable sector.

Last year, May was appointed Chair of the Aldersgate Group, an alliance that drives action for a sustainable economy.

Julia Simpson, WTTC President & CEO, said: “Theresa May has a long-standing interest in the environment and as Prime Minister, she launched the ‘25 Year Environmental Plan’ to tackle issues such as plastic waste.

“In 2019 she formally committed the UK to achieving ‘net zero’ emissions by 2050, making Britain the first major economy to do so.

“During the pandemic, Theresa May was concerned about the uncoordinated global response, and she showed great political leadership calling for international cooperation based on evidence.

“Our event will bring together many of the world’s most powerful leaders in our sector to discuss and secure its long-term future, which is critical to economies and jobs around the world.”

Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon will also be a keynote speaker.