June 13, 2024

Images of Global Airlines’ interiors unveiled

Images of the cabin interiors of the new transatlantic carrier, Global Airlines, have been released after London-based Factorydesign was appointed to lead on the design.

The firm has been working with the new airline since the beginning of the year, with the goal of “reimagining the golden age of travel on the A380”.

The airline’s first routes were expected to start in spring 2024, flying from London to New York and Los Angeles, but will now likely start towards the end of next year.

However, the airline is expected to fly its first aircraft to Europe at the start of 2024 to begin renovation and maintenance work.

Following the airlines brand guidelines, and as featured in the images of the entrance of the First Suites and the new entrance to the main deck, Factory has used a selection of deep reds to create a mood of onboard elegance and vibrancy.

Work is due to begin on the first version of the A380 in the early part of 2024, when the interiors will be refurbished ahead of the first passenger flights.

Aircraft joining the Global fleet later will see their interiors completely overhauled to “the highest specification” for the ‘version 2’ aircraft.

Adam White, owner and partner of Factorydesign, said: “There are very few projects like this in aviation. It’s a unique opportunity for me and the team to get our creative juices flowing and deliver a new, exciting A380 experience for passengers.

“Onboard is a huge part of any trip and I want passengers to be excited to fly, and that’s what we’re committed to delivering for Global. And given the scale of the aircraft, and the brief from the airline, we can genuinely innovate from both experiential and hard product perspectives.”

Global Airlines and Factory will shortly commission a concept First Suite, which will be exhibited through the course of 2024.