December 6, 2023

Festive Road unveils Purposeful Travel Model

Festive Road has launched a ‘Purposeful Travel Model’, a free tool to help travel managers and organisations reimagine their business travel as they come out of the pandemic crisis.

It has been created as a follow-up to the consultancy company’s Permissible Travel Framework, which was made widely available to the sector last year. 

That framework, accessed by over 8,000 companies, was designed to help corporate travel managers understand ‘how’ to return to travel, while this new tool focuses on the ‘why’ of business travel.

“Organisations are grappling with re-imagining the future of work and travel managers the future of travel,” said Managing Partner Caroline Strachan.

“We believe the two are fundamentally linked. Getting to the ‘why’ of travel is critical to ensure returning programmes can be more strategically aligned to their organisations’ future success.

“So, we brought together a group of buyers to help define a model and have been testing this approach across our buyer network. This first version of the Purposeful Travel Model will be socialised across the sector and the feedback from that will help to create future versions.”

According to Festive Road, the pause in travel volumes and changes to the way organisations operate has provided a unique opportunity to “think about travel as an enabler versus a budget line”.

“We are calling on companies to stop thinking about travel volume as a percentage of 2019 volume. That’s like doing a drag and drop of 2019 practices into a new era,” it says.

“It’s an outdated practice that won’t help any company succeed in 2021 and beyond. Instead the Purposeful Travel Model enables a smarter conversation that focuses on where being there in-person will expedite or improve the outcome.”

The model is available for complimentary download from today.