June 13, 2024

Festive Road report highlights unprecedented pace of change

A blank piece of paper and a fresh perspective are probably two of the most important tools for successful travel management in the 2020s, according to a report out this week from Festive Road.

The Macroscope Report, an update on a report released in February 2022, outlines the key trends shaping the future of business travel and notes the speed of change.

The consultancy group’s initial report identified eight major trends to watch and a ninth trend ‘Disruption at the core’ has been added to this latest version.

Managing Partner Caroline Strachan said: “In addition to the evolution of the trends we have already identified, we can see that disruption has moved from being incident-specific to become an everyday issue that our industry needs to constantly manage and adapt to – whether it’s supply chain and service issues, the ongoing talent shortage, disrupted distribution channels and content fragmentation, heightened geo-political conditions or the increasingly unpredictable impact of climate change on travel plans.”

The eight original and revised trends are:

  • 1. Future of work: dispersed but not forgotten
  • 2. ESG at the purposeful core
  • 3. It was always about the meeting
  • 4. The whole trip experience (at last)
  • 5. Dynamic content, the true king
  • 6. API explosion brings buyer empowerment
  • 7. Hail to the storytellers
  • 8. Take the lead or be directed

“Never have the foundations of travel and meetings management been shifting as they have today,” says the report.

“Sure, the speed of change has been increasing for years as technology has driven new offerings, efficiencies, challenges and opportunities, but the acceleration of socioeconomic trends as we emerge into the new world from the biggest global event in decades is overlaying considerable complexity.

“Our ninth new trend certainly highlights there is no sign of this speed of change abating.”