May 18, 2024

Expensify releases unlimited virtual cards

Expensify is releasing unlimited virtual cards with the Expensify Visa Commercial Card.

Expensify members can now issue an unlimited number of virtual cards, providing flexibility in managing expenses across employees and merchants. Businesses will be able to manage both one-time and recurring expenses on one platform.

The new feature offers even tighter controls, allowing customers to set fixed or monthly spend limits for each card.

Fixed-spend cards are ideal for one-time expenses, providing employees access to a card for a designated purchase. Monthly spend cards are ideal for managing recurring expenses such as subscriptions and memberships.

Customers can also name their virtual cards, making it easy to categorise and assign them to specific accounts upon creation, creating a clear and organised overview of expenses within the Expensify platform.

All Expensify customers can start using unlimited virtual cards immediately. Admins can initiate the process by opening Expensify, navigating to the Home page, and locating the new task to issue virtual cards.