May 18, 2024

Eurostar revamps classes and fares

Eurostar will make its fares more flexible as part of a restructure of its classes later this year.

From November, the rail operator’s travel classes – currently Standard, Standard Premier and Business Premier – will be renamed as Eurostar Standard, Eurostar Plus and Eurostar Premier.

In Eurostar Standard passeners can purchase light refreshments and drinks from the Eurostar café on cross-channel and continental routes.  

Eurostar Plus offers extra comfortable seating, more workspace and a light meal and on-board drinks service on cross-channel routes.  

Eurostar Premier offers extra flexibility, all-day boarding guarantee, exclusive lounge access, a premium food experience and a dedicated priority lane on cross-channel routes. 

All passengers will continue to enjoy a generous baggage allowance with no luggage fee, no seat booking fee, and a free Wi-Fi and a charging point at every seat. 

Customers travelling in Eurostar Standard and Eurostar Plus can exchange their ticket without any exchange fee, and as many times as needed, until just one hour before departure and ask for a refund until seven days before departure. 

Exchanges are free, unless there is a difference in the fare, but passengers who request a refund will have to pay 25€/£25 per person, per leg.

Customers in Eurostar Premier can exchange or refund their tickets without any fee up to two days after their departure.  

Sales for Eurostar’s new travel classes are now open for travel from November 4 onwards.