February 22, 2024

Disneyland Paris reimagines events offering

Disneyland Paris has announced a new division to serve the events industry.

Disneyland Paris Event Group will provide access to the resort’s theme parks, event spaces and hotels.

Disney Business Solutions has been creating and hosting events for over 26 years and will build on this expertise to extend its activities.

Disneyland Paris Event Group is established as a new division with a team of events experts who create, host and produce events and the parks and dedicated spaces.

The offerings will be provided via two proprietary brands. Business Solutions by Disenyland Paris is dedicated to business tourism and professional events, conventions, motivation and exhibition solutions, as well as private experiences.

The second brand, Live Events by Disneyland Paris, is a consumer based brand delivering Disney events.

“At Disneyland Paris Event Group, we create highly immersive, unique and powerful experiences, connecting guests to our incredible franchises, seasons and Disney storytelling,” says Gustavo Branger, Vice President, Disneyland® Paris Event Group.

“We bring unexpected emotion to life and create everlasting memories for all audiences, individuals and business alike. This ambition is expressed in our new brands with the aim of surprising each customer and each participant”.