May 26, 2024

Direct ATPI business enquiries up by 37%

Direct ATPI has seen a 37% increase in new business enquiries in the first four months since launching its partnership with Cytric Easy.

The partnership with Cytric Easy by Amadeus was launched in June 2023 to streamline the travel booking experience.

Cytric Easy by Amadeus is embedded in Microsoft Teams, eliminating the need for app switching. Users can plan trips and share trip itineraries with their colleagues using Microsoft Teams chat, book the same trip as their colleagues, or get recommendations to meet with close collaborators at their destination. 

Cytric Easy also helps employees calculate and minimise travel-related CO2 emissions to achieve sustainability goals. For example, travellers can share a ride from the airport or rail station with colleagues arriving around the same time.

ATPI’s partnership with Cytric Easy enables customers to now manage the entire travel process, including updating traveller profiles and viewing, planning, approving and discussing business trips, within Teams.

The news comes following the ATPI Group’s most profitable year to date since its inception over two decades ago.