June 13, 2024

Delta expands diversity programme

Delta Air Lines has expanded its Faces of Travel programme with new imagery and videos focusing on increasing representation. 

The airline partnered up with creative company Kin to create a free visual library made up of 200 photographs and 40 video clips. Diverse talent was present both in front and behind the camera. 

For this new collection, photographer Seo Ju Park captured candid and personal moments in Cape Town, South Africa.  

The airline also worked with director Rodney Lucas to create an anthem film showcasing diverse families travelling all around the world from the ‘70s to present day. Specific vignettes delve deeper into the travel journeys of three families, too.  

The Faces of Travel programme supports the airline’s long-term commitment to increase representation within travel culture, ranging from social media to tourism ads. 

Ashley Sherman, General Manager of ESG Marketing at Delta Air Lines, said: “We understand the power of representation, which is a building block for this important programme. Faces of Travel is an integral part of our broader commitment to move the travel industry and culture at large forward, by modelling diversity and inclusion in every aspect of the travel sector, while inspiring others to come along on this journey. Diverse travellers have been out seeing the world for decades, and it’s time the world started seeing them too.” 

Sophie Ozoux, Co-founder of Kin, said: “For us, this project is important at multiple levels. It’s about correcting travel history. It’s about opening minds and attacking preconceived notions. It’s about inspiring more people to see themselves in faraway places. 

“But it is also about building a more welcoming future together. More accurate and inclusive representation within travel culture and beyond will be essential to avoiding bias as we build the platforms and systems of tomorrow.”