May 18, 2024

Delhi and Cairo named cheapest cities for a trip

Indian capital Delhi and the Egyptian capital Cairo are among the top cheapest cities to visit, according to a recent survey from digital bank Starling, which analysed the daily costs of staying in the world's most popular places.

Each city was ranked by the total cost of a night’s stay in a hotel, three local meals, a public transport round-trip and one top attraction ticket, to find the average daily cost for travellers.

Istanbul in Turkey was named third most affordable city with average costs totalling around £35 per day, while Kuala Lumpur and Beijing were revealed as the cheapest Asian cities for visitors with expenses equalling around £40 per day.

In line with similar surveys, New York City, LA and London are still the world’s costliest cities to visit, largely due to the price of accommodation. A day in New York will cost the average traveller around £180, with hotel rooms priced at around £110 per night.

Next to New York, London has the most expensive hotels, with average prices for a room around £91 per night. Miami and the Dominican Republic’s capital Punta Cana were also ranked in the top five most expensive cities.