July 13, 2024

Dedica hotel collection arrives in UK

Luxury hotel collection The Dedica Anthology is launching in the UK this summer.

Headquartered in Milan and established last year, the collection of seven high-end, independent hotels is united by a “sense of curation and dedication to the guest experience”.

The seven ‘landmark’ European hotels – all additionally members of the Autograph Collection – include the Palazzo Naiadi in Rome, Palazzo Matteotti in Milan, the Grand Hotel dei Dogi in Venice, the New York Palace in Budapest, and the Carlo IV in Prague.

Meanwhile, the Hotel Plaza in Nice and Palazzo Gaddi in Florence are currently being remodelled and will be open for business in 2020.

Stephen Alden, former CEO of the Maybourne Hotel Group and The Set, is heading up the brand which is based on the values of “curiosity, authenticity and open-mindedness”.

“We have launched The Dedica Anthology at a time when the global hotel industry and the luxury sector in particular are evolving, and an opportunity exists to challenge and reinvent the category,” he says.

“A beautiful hotel has the power to transform you and I think this is the new language of luxury. I feel the time is right for a champion for Italian hôtellerie to emerge, and with our particular style of hotelcraft, we are well positioned to be that champion.”

A statement from the group says each hotel is “steeped in the soul and spirit of its location” and that a robust investment programme in design and technology is underway.

The brand is working with international design specialists such as David Collins Studio, Guy Oliver, Patrizia Quartero and Yvette Adams Interiors YAI.