February 24, 2024

CWT introduces point-of-sale emissions data

CWT has partnered with Thrust Carbon to launch point-of-sale carbon footprint indicators for myCWT mobile and web at no additional cost to its customers worldwide. 

The service will give travellers insights into the potential environmental impact of a trip so they can make more sustainable choices at the point of booking. 

“We surveyed our global customer base at the end of 2021 and an overwhelming 87% expressed that they would like information provided to their employees at point-of-booking to help reinforce responsible travel choices,” said Erik Magnuson, VP Product Management, Travel Content & Connectivity.

“CWT’s new carbon footprint indicators will help customers and their travellers understand their corporate and personal travel footprints and reduce their impact on the environment,” 

CWT said it will be the first major global TMC to activate point-of-sale emissions data with Thrust Carbon and will use its carbon data analytics to answer the industry’s call to action to both report emissions and reduce its impact on our planet.

“If the traveller cannot see their emissions at point-of-sale, then it simply will not be a factor in their decision making” said Mark Corbett, Founder & Director of Thrust Carbon.

“We are rapidly moving to a world where emissions data will be valued side by side with financial data. Together with our partners at CWT, we have made a giant leap towards delivering this for business travellers around the world.”