May 28, 2024

CTM unveils new duty of care technology

Corporate Travel Management (CTM) has unveiled a number of new technology features to help its clients safeguard their travellers and their travel budgets.

It is introducing new risk and health alert notifications into its proprietary online booking tool, Lightning, within the trip search workflow.

This allows bookers and travellers to make more informed travel decisions at the point of sale relating to the risks of travelling to a particular city or country.

CTM is also upgrading existing duty of care tools for travel, risk and HR managers with a new safety check-in feature. Duty of care admins can send an alert request notification to any traveller or group of travellers in a specific location that requires them to check in to verify if they are safe or in danger.

Lightning will also provide a visual nudge to bookers when travellers are taking more than five hours of train travel over peak travel times on return trips within the same day. 

CTM’s EMEA CTO, Brian Sheerin, said the new features were developed in direct response to customer feedback and CTM’s data analysis. 

“Now more than ever, duty of care begins before a trip has been booked and doesn’t end until an employee is safely home. 

“We’re providing the tools to manage risk at both the point of sale and at management level for travel, risk and HR professionals so their employees are safer, more informed and better connected with what’s happening around the world.”