April 22, 2024

Corporate Traveller introduces Sam to clients

Corporate Traveller is rolling out its Sam chatbot app to its SME customers in the UK, with the tool having already notched up 20,000 users among clients of sister agency, FCM.

The app provides users with notifications regarding their trip itineraries including reminders to check-in, flight delays, weather information and safety alerts.

It is part-powered by artificial intelligence and features personalised information and recommendations via conversational interface. Users can also contact a Corporate Traveller consultant through the app.

FCM first launched the tool in 2017 and, in 2018, saw adoption increase in the UK by 160%.

“No other TMC can offer this kind of ground-breaking support to SME business travellers,” says Andy Hegley, General Manager, Corporate Traveller UK.

“Most TMCs only support a traveller reactively if they need a flight booking changed during the trip, or to send them an impersonal or generic travel alert.

“What makes Sam different to any other mobile travel app is the way it provides contextual information and booking options to the traveller. It aggregates all the relevant information a traveller needs in one place at the point when the user needs it.”

Corporate Traveller, which serves clients with annual travel spending ranging from £50,000 to £2million, has seen turnover increase 13% in the last year with the retail, finance and luxury sectors proving rich sources of new business.

FCM, meanwhile, has launched new Sam functionality specifically for travel arrangers that enables them to view their current travellers’ itineraries and receive notifications about events affecting them.

The TMC has also recorded strong UK growth, with turnover up 25%, and new business valued at over £130million.