May 28, 2024

Companies not encouraging multi-modal business trips, says report

New research has revealed that two-thirds of business travellers (64%) say their companies don’t currently encourage multi-modal travel.

Furthermore, 87% said that their employer expects them to use their personal car for work trips.

Despite these findings from Enterprise Rent-A-Car, half of UK office workers who make business trips (42%) would like their employer to make it easier for them to use a mix of transport for business trips.

And around 85% think they and/or their employers should be incentivised to encourage multi-modal journeys, with tax breaks or similar rewards.

The research also showed younger Generation Z workers are especially keen on multi-modal travel: 88% had made a multi-modal journey in the last 12 months, compared with only 57% of Baby Boomers. Gen Z are keener to avoid using their own car for a business trip (60%) compared to 41% of Baby Boomers.

When it comes to travelling for work, 58% of all business trips are taken in a private car, and the majority of those surveyed (81%) said they use their own car for at least some of their business trips every year. On average, 68% of respondents’ business journeys were not possible by public transport alone.

When asked why they had used multi-modal journeys for their leisure travel, respondents said because they were less expensive (33%), fast (27%), relaxing (22%), more environmentally friendly (20%) and safe (20%). 

The survey was commissioned through Opinium Research and analysed the travel habits of 1,000 UK office workers who travel for business domestically to visit customers, suppliers or attend events by car.