July 16, 2024

Clarity unveils new brand

Clarity Business Travel has unveiled a new brand as part of a major overhaul following its acquisition of Agiito in autumn 2023.

“It’s as if Clarity and Agiito have had a baby,” said CEO Pat McDonagh, as the brand was revealed this week.

Created largely in-house by Clarity’s marketing team and spearheaded by Creative Director Toni Nickson, the new brand comprises “refreshed brand identity, website, tone of voice and overall enhanced aesthetics”.

“Since we acquired Agiito we’ve always said it would be rebranded as Clarity,” said McDonagh.

“The Clarity brand has been around for longer and has built up a degree of equity within the industry. The Agiito brand is a very strong one and we had admired the execution of it. It expressed personality and brought the business together culturally. That’s something we wanted to do with our rebrand.

“The task we set the team was to put together a brand idea that reflects the DNA of both businesses and what we’ve got is a fusion of the look and feel of both and a modernisation of that.”

The brand was developed following workshops with employees and customers and was initially unveiled to staff back in March.

“That was the acid test,” said McDonagh. “The feedback was phenomenal and they came out of that session saying they were blown away by it and felt excited about the future and bring a part of it all. There’s a lot of excitement internally.”

McDonagh said Clarity wanted the brand to “express personality, be vibrant, a little bit brighter and stand out from the crowd”.

“If you look at 10 TMC websites you’ll generally see cityscapes or dimly-lit departure halls, with the stereotypical business traveller with their laptop case and trolley bag, but the reality is that TMCs move lots of people for lots of different reasons.

“It’s not just business people on transatlantic flights in business class. They might be working in construction or be staying in a hotel close to a rail re-signalling project, or they might be government officials or elite sportspeople. I want people to visit our website and think ‘that’s my traveller, that’s who we are and why we move’.”

The rebranding will see a refreshed website, new-look booking tools and technology touch points.

“There will be lots of social media activity and we’ll be investing a huge amount in thought leadership,” added McDonagh.

“What matters is that our people feel engaged and enthusiastic about being part of the brand and what it stands for and that this reverberates through the business and means we deliver the best service.

“It’s also important for attracting talent. We’re in one of the toughest recruitment markets and it’s not easy getting high quality people but building a strong brand and culture definitely helps.”

Brighter, Clarity’s meetings and events arm, is also part of Clarity’s brand overhaul.

Brighter’s Executive Director of Meetings and Events, Paul Casement, said: “Over the past few years, the Brighter brand has been evolving and now, with the acquisition of Agiito Events, we are ready to take the next step in our evolution and combine our brands under Brighter while maintaining a strong connection with the Clarity brand.

“The Brighter business covers multiple areas from venue find and group accommodation, group air and university field trips to full-service events and production and it is important all of our customers can identify with the brand.

“We are very proud of the new look. It’s modern, exciting and reflects what our business is about. It captures the energy and essence of Brighter and comprises refreshed brand identity, website, tone of voice and modern, vibrant imagery.”