May 28, 2022

Climate crisis

Climate change awareness is impacting the business travel sector, shaping individual attitudes, planning processes and supplier management, says Riskline's Emanuele Scansani

How to…cut your travel carbon footprint

As part of a new Responsible Business Charter, National Grid has set ambitious goals to reduce its travel carbon footprint through reduction and offsetting

Breaking eco barriers

Making your travel sustainable can seem overwhelming but that's no excuse, says Sally Higgs at Amex GBT

Q&A: Equinox Travel CEO

A new TMC dedicated to the music and entertainment sector has launched by former The Appointment Group (TAG) and ET Travel directors Ian Patterson and Glen Duckworth. The pair have also launched their own charter operation and have plans for other divisions.

CEO Ian Patterson spoke to Bev Fearis, Editor of The Business Travel Magazine, about the timing of the launch, recruitment, challenges and more.

Vessul launch event

TapTrip launched is latest tech solution, Vessul, In Liverpool

Q&A: Tom Maynard, Virgin Atlantic

As Virgin Atlantic gears up for the reopening of transatlantic travel, Editor Bev Fearis spoke with its news Head of UK and Europe Sales

Step inside

Catherine Chetwynd takes a tour of some of the most exciting developments in the UK’s accommodation sector this year – from renovations to new openings

Fast track

Additional checks will be required as air travel resumes but new technology is helping to counteract any disruption. Gary Noakes reports

The 2021 Tech Hotlist

2021 Tech Hotlist

TapTrip set to make waves with Vessul

As award-winning TapTrip prepares for the ceremonial Champagne christening.of its new tech solution, Vessul, we spoke with co-founder and CEO Thomas Young