July 30, 2021

In good times and bad

Scott Davies, CEO of the Institute of Travel Management, ITM, outlines how the organisation is supporting the industry through the pandemic

When will we travel again?

When will we travel again? Mike McCormick, Co-Founder and CEO of campaign group Travel Again tries to answer the million dollar question

How to…reimagine your business travel

The Knowledge: How to reimagine business travel with Willis Towers Watson

Join the BTA’s Faces of Business Travel campaign

A campaign has launched this week to share business travel stories to help strengthen the economic argument for an effective roadmap back to travel. The BTA’a Faces of Business Travel campaign, supported by The Business Travel Magazine, hopes to influence government and public understanding of business travel by focussing on the stories of people who travel for work.

Road to recovery

Clive Wratten, CEO of the Business Travel Association, explains why he is feeling more upbeat about the return of business travel

Sporting chance

The annual ITM Conference will be virtual for a second time but, says CEO Scott Davies, there are some advantages

Positive thinking

In the pandemic, traveller wellbeing is being placed high on the agenda

Six of the best workations

Thanks to extended work visas and super-speedy WiFi, remote working has taken on a whole new meaning. Here are six destinations that are in it for the long-haul...

Digital health passports: The challenges

Christel Cao-Delebarre, Global Head of Privacy and Group DPO, CWT shares her lessons on balancing innovation and regulation in the race to introduce digital health passports.

How to ease the pain of RFPs

Like going to the dentist or filing a tax return, RFPs are something that fill travel managers with dread. ATPI's Katie Skitterall shares her top tips on how to reduce the headache