July 2, 2022

Finding your way

Venturing on a sustainable journey can seem a daunting task but with that climate clock ticking fast there’s no time to waste. Gill Upton reports

The big dilemma

Unlocking the strategic value of in-person meetings is key to managing responsible business travel, says industry expert Scott Gillespie

Industry urged to take action to avoid being a ‘constant punching bag’

The travel industry must do better at educating politicians and other policy makers or risks being a "constant punching bag", Advantage Travel Partnership CEO Julia Lo Bue-Said told delegates at the consortium’s conference in Madeira.

Landmark study reveals biggest barriers to sustainable business travel

Higher costs, limited data and lack of access to transparent information are the main challenges to achieving more sustainable business travel, according to a landmark research study out today.

Internal travel is not dead

Rachel Tonge, UK Vice President & General Manager


COCO+ is an exciting new addition to the TMC landscape, offering all business travel at net zero with credible offset certification

Thrust Carbon

Thrust Carbon builds technology that enables the world's most forward-thinking companies to offer green products and to operate sustainably. Its mantra is 'effortlessly green'.

Branching out

As sustainable business travel moves to the top of the corporate agenda, TMCs are expanding their services to help clients meet their reduction goals. Gill Upton reports

False positive

Complicated and ever-changing testing rules are still in place for many destinations and unsuspecting business travellers are getting caught out. We asked two experts from World Travel Protection to try to shed some light

The shape of business travel

We take a peak at a new report from Festive Road outlining eight key trends shaping travel management in 2022 and beyond