September 25, 2022

British Airways, World Traveller Plus

The premium economy seat was comfortable and my meal was good but the stand out feature was the staff. Great service from a crew that were upbeat and full of Christmas spirit.

Royal Brunei Airlines, Business Class

This was the final leg of my journey with the airline and I felt like a VIP throughout the journey. The spacious set up of the business class cabin ensures you arrive as relaxed and as refreshed as possible.

American Airlines, Premium Economy

The aircraft felt new and the Premium Economy seat was definitely comfortable and well-thought through. The meal quality was excellent and the amenities supplied with the seat were good quality and useful, especially the lumbar pillow. The staff were efficient if a little brusque in their service but overall the journey was a good experience.

Aer Lingus, Business Class

The real boon of flying to the US via Dublin is clearing US customs and immigration in Dublin, meaning you land as a domestic passenger and avoid the same but often interminably long procedures on arrival in the US. So if you need to take connecting flights from your local airport to reach your US destination then look no further than this. Great service and friendly crew too.

South African Airways, Business Class

The A330-300 is an extremely quiet aircraft. It looked and smelt spanking new and the business seat and space was extremely spacious. Moreover, there is comfort to be had knowing you are flying on a state-of the art piece of kit. A few more smiles from the crew would have been welcome.