April 22, 2024

Ethiopian Airlines Business Class, Heathrow-Addis Ababa-Lilongwe (Malawi)

The crew were lovely and attentive throughout and I can see why Ethiopian Airlines picked up a fourth and perhaps most prestigious award of all this year - for Africa’s Best Airline

Qatar Airways Business Class, Dar es Salaam–Doha–London Heathrow

Flight review Qatar Airways Qatar Airways – Dar es Salaam – Doha – London Heathrow

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class, Heathrow-Johannesburg

Review of Upper Class on Virgin Atlantic’s flight from London- Heathrow to Johannesburg, departing at 22.30 on the airline’s 787-9 Dreamliner

West Jet, Premium Economy

I was already a fan of the Dreamliner, with its airy feel and mood lighting, and the Westjet team has done much with the interior design to make it their own. Service was exemplary too – friendly and engaged throughout.

Latam, Business Class

It was definitely up there with the best business cabins I've experienced – and the upgraded version should be even better.

American Airlines, Business Class

Crew were courteous and the smart, comfortable seat rewarded me with possibly the best night's sleep I've had onboard. My only moan was the finnicky wifi.

Emirates Economy Class, Dubai-London Gatwick

A good, comfortable economy class product and a slick experience on the ground too.

Qantas, Economy class

The thought of this long flight was very much worse than the reality. The Dreamliner cabin environment really does seem to support wellbeing in the air. The atmosphere remained relatively fresh throughout, there was very little operational noise or distraction and the lighting helped create a pleasant environment throughout.

British Airways, First Class

This was a daytime flight so lights weren’t dimmed and no mattress liner was added but the seat was roomy and I felt nicely cocooned by the wrap-around walls. The dining was excellent and the service was attentive.

British Airways, World Traveller Plus

The premium economy seat was comfortable and my meal was good but the stand out feature was the staff. Great service from a crew that were upbeat and full of Christmas spirit.