February 29, 2024

High flyers

As corporate travellers get back to international flying, many will be looking for the extra reassurances that come with premium services, says Gary Noakes

Q&A: Tom Maynard, Virgin Atlantic

As Virgin Atlantic gears up for the reopening of transatlantic travel, Editor Bev Fearis spoke with its news Head of UK and Europe Sales

Fast track

Additional checks will be required as air travel resumes but new technology is helping to counteract any disruption. Gary Noakes reports

Q&A: TRIPBAM CEO Steve Reynolds

TRIPBAM is gearing up to launch its air solution later this year. Bev Fearis spoke to CEO and founder Steve Reynolds

Reaction to the green list

The UK Government has confirmed the first 12 countries on its travel 'green list'. Here's how the business travel industry responded:

The ultimate test

Denis Kinane, Chief Medical Officer at Cignpost Diagnostics, believes smarter, fewer tests are the key to restarting business travel

When will we travel again?

When will we travel again? Mike McCormick, Co-Founder and CEO of campaign group Travel Again tries to answer the million dollar question

Digital health passports: The challenges

Christel Cao-Delebarre, Global Head of Privacy and Group DPO, CWT shares her lessons on balancing innovation and regulation in the race to introduce digital health passports.

Safe passage

With trials of its digital health pass well underway, International SOS answers some key questions about the technology that’s set to become a key part of business travel

Flight check

How does the airport-to-arrival experience in this age of Covid protocols differ from airline to airline and airport to airport? Our reporter found out by flying Gatwick-Dublin with easyJet and back with Ryanair