February 2, 2023

Internal travel is not dead

Rachel Tonge, UK Vice President & General Manager

The shape of business travel

We take a peak at a new report from Festive Road outlining eight key trends shaping travel management in 2022 and beyond

Blurred lines

New ways of working are changing the shape of business travel. Three experts share their views

Meetings and events: Trends to watch

As live meetings and events return, Kari Wendel at CWT outlines the key trends to keep an eye on

Changing landscape

Jason Long, Senior Vice President HRS, outlines three key trends impacting the corporate hospitality sector as business travel starts to recover

Commute or business travel expense?

What does working from home mean for managing travel and expense? Gavin Smith, Director of Element, gives some advice to travel buyers

Price points

The pandemic is impacting prices in ways the industry has never seen. We asked five TMC experts to try to make sense of it all

Crisis and community

The coronavirus pandemic has hit few industries more dramatically than travel, writes Gary Noakes, who assesses its impact so far

Independent days

Using a business travel consultant can help give an expert and non-biased view on how to improve your travel programme, writes Rob Gill