June 1, 2023

BCD voices concerns about NDC shift

As the American Airlines NDC deadline arrives, BCD shares open letter on the industry's readiness. Read it here in full

Back online

Travel complexity and user frustrations are forcing TMCs to refine online booking tools, whether in-house or from third party providers, says Gill Upton

Stacking up

Amid growing digitalisation, what should travel managers know about their TMC's tech, asks Nick Easen

People Awards: Meet the 2022 M&E Team of the Year

The trophy travelled the world 'like the Olympic torch' when Agiito's Meetings and Events Team won a Business Travel People Award, says Richard Shacklock, National Head of Operational Performance Venue Find and Events

People Awards: Meet the 2022 Account Manager of the Year

Winning a Business Travel People Award has stopped James Connell, StaySitu Senior Account Manager, from sometimes feeling imposter syndrome

Team work

TMCs are providing vital support to corporates on the long and bumpy road to greener business travel, says Gill Upton

People Awards: Meet the Change Champion 2022

Dana Moore at Agiito has felt like a celebrity at times since being voted Change Champion in the 2022 Business Travel People Awards

People Awards: Meet the Duty of Care winners

Lee Whiteing says GSA had managed to reach a wider audience since being joint winners, with PwC, of the Duty of Care Initiative of the Year award at the 2022 People Awards

Just the ticket

Rail travel might fit the bill when it comes to sustainability, but there are still sizeable barriers to overcome, says Dave Richardson

Going the distance

Can new tech and a meeting of minds help capture that elusive first and last mile, asks Felicity Cousins