February 7, 2023

Made to measure

The pandemic expedited the development of bespoke travel management solutions for SMEs, says Gill Upton, who looks at some of the key products

Two sides to the story

While many TMCs are struggling to hire new talent, TakeTwo Travel Solutions claims it has a waiting list of people wanting to join its team. We checked in with the company’s Vice President Global Marketing Karen McKenna

Back to basics

After an initial surge in demand, SMEs are regaining control of their travel budgets and approval processes in a changed world, says Gill Upton 

Stay grounded

David McNeill, AVP Global Corporate Sales EMEA at Enterprise, outlines why travel managers must continue to be more engaged with ground transportation post pandemic

Wising up to waste

The war on airline waste is challenging but new technology is helping, says Julie Baxter

Trouble ahead

As Riskline releases its latest Geopolitical and Climate Event Forecast Report, its founder and CEO, Kennet Nordlien, outlines the main threats to European business travellers

Status quo

Three major barriers prevent rail from reaching its full business travel potential, says Liz Emmott, TrainLine's Director of Global Distribution and Business Solutions

RFPs are back

Stuart Tandy, Head of Bid Management at Agiito, answers the key questions on RFPs in our new section, Ask the Expert

10 tips for the perfect RFP

Agiito's Head of Bid Management, Stuart Tandy, shares his top tips for getting the most out of your next RFP

Back to school

There is currently, and quite rightly, a lot of conversation in business travel around how we can attract new and future talent into our industry. This has always been an interesting challenge but is now even more pertinent given the resourcing issues we see in various sectors.