June 13, 2024

BusinessToGo launches in UK

Lufthansa Group Airlines and Navan have expanded BusinessToGo to the UK and to France.

The travel platform gives companies the ability to book flights, hotels, cars and trains within a single travel management tool.

The integrated online travel platform can be accessed via web and mobile device, and automatically applies company travel policies. It factors in company policy, personal preferences and optimal pricing.

Lufthansa Group’s loyalty program, PartnerPlusBenefit, is also integrated into BusinessToGo, which allows users to earn points when booking Lufthansa flights. 

Customers can choose between two BusinessToGo packages: an Essentials and a Premium package. 

The Essentials package is designed for companies with up to 100 travellers and does not include booking fees. It offers smaller businesses policy and profile management, CO2 emissions reporting, 24/7 support, centralised billing, dedicated support and onboarding, and access to cheaper hotel rates.

For companies with more than 100 travellers, the Premium package integrates the Navan travel management platform with internal systems, such as HR or ERP systems.

Corporate customers are offered onboarding and additional support with platform configuration.

Travellers also receive unlimited use of Navan’s generative AI and travel agent support.