April 22, 2024

Business travel burnout on the rise

Nearly one in five business travellers (18%) say that work trips leave them stressed and exhausted, according to new research.

Furthermore, 20% would like their employers to be more aware of the effects of business travel on their health and one in ten say business travel leaves them so tired they cannot function properly and cannot relax.

The survey of 1,000 frequent business travellers also revealed stress levels can sky-rocket when they are booked on poorly organised trips.

“These results provide a real insight into the effects of business travel on the health of employees,” says Keith Potts, Chairman of exclusiveprivatevillas.com, which commissioned the research.

“The days when business travel was viewed as a perk of the job by employees are gone. In fact, many will be struggling to sleep, missing their nearest and dearest or feeling overworked.

Potts adds: “Now that the World Health Organisation has labelled burnout an occupational phenomenon, the onus is on employers to find a solution.

“Maybe it’s time to look again at business travel and think outside the box. More focus must go on ensuring staff are happy, comfortable and able to relax during business travel. The result will be happier, more engaged workers.”

The company was named Corporate Villa Company of the Year at the 2018/19 Corporate Travel Awards.