July 16, 2024

Business travel almost at complete halt, says GBTA

International business travel has now almost completely come to a halt, says the GBTA, but the picture for domestic travel is slightly less bleak.

The Global Business Travel Association says 96% of member companies have now cancelled or suspended all or most international travel regardless of location.

Its latest poll received more than 1,100 responses and reveals that 84% of its US-based members and 81% of European members have also called time on domestic business trips.

Four in ten respondents say their company has implemented blanket bans on business travel, while 53% say they have cancelled all but essential trips.

Forty percent believe business travel will resume within three months while 17% said within six months, but another 40% were unsure when movement will resume.

“The coronavirus is having a devastating effect on the global business travel industry, the likes of which we have never seen,” said Scott Solombrino, COO and Executive Director of the GBTA.

“We urge Congress to come together and pass a financial package that will help the industry survive in these unprecedented times.

“The business travel industry is directly or indirectly responsible for seven in ten jobs throughout the world. It is imperative that Congress pass a responsible bill as soon as possible to save the industry before its fate is sealed.”