June 15, 2024

BTA to launch manifesto

The BTA will launch a manifesto in October setting out a targeted roadmap to address issues such as the industry’s skills shortage, net zero and transport infrastructure investment.

The manifesto has been developed by the BTA’s political lobbying firm Cavendish and its PR company, Pembroke and Rye.

Giving a sneak preview at this week’s BTA Conference, CEO Clive Wratten said: “Now is the time for change. We must focus on building our community, while developing, maintaining, and protecting a seamless and sustainable integrated transport system, that does not compromise the environment and ensures end to end user satisfaction.

“Each one of us in this room has the power to forge a connected transport network that the UK can be proud of, the question I ask is what are we waiting for?”

He said the business travel industry remains at the heart of the UK economy.

“It is therefore essential that we make sure all parts of the UK have the reliable, sustainable and efficient transport infrastructure and operations necessary to allow workers across all sectors to travel for business,” he said.

“Vital to this, is the government’s delivery of HS2 without any additional cuts. This coincides with prioritised support for regional airports, allowing total UK connectivity and supporting the levelling up of the UK. It is no secret that the industry is currently highly fragmented, with business travellers too often becoming the victim.”

He said in order to get the industry’s voice heard, it’s vital the BTA builds and nurtures relationships with government officials as they are key to delivering on the manifesto.

In the next conference session, political commentator Steve Richards advised the BTA to engage closely with all parties, particularly Labour who, according to the latest polls, are most likely to win the next General Election.

But he noted that transport infrastructure investment is not one of the main priorities for either party.

Instead, he advised the BTA to direct its lobbying towards action on economic or sustainability-related issues.