April 23, 2024

BTA launches campaign to stop airport drop-off fees

The Business Travel Association (BTA) has released a white paper calling for an end to the unfair and excessive drop-off and pick-up fees at UK airports.

Entitled ‘Drop the Drop Off Fees’, the document has been put together in response to some airports raising their fees by as much as 25% this year.

The highest fee is £17 for passenger drop-off and pick-up at London Stansted.

Clive Wratten, CEO of the BTA, said: “It is utterly illogical that these fees have soared to such unprecedented levels. To get dropped off and picked up kerbside is a necessity for so many travellers.  

“The airport drop-off and pick-up fees only add more stress to travellers who have already faced too many challenges and uncertainties in recent years. Ultimately, these fees add another barrier to recovery for travellers and the travel sector. We urge UK airports to re-evaluate this policy and eliminate these fees altogether.”

The white paper urges collective action, the elimination of airport fees by UK airports, and a government investigation into the pricing of these fees.

It says: “For business travellers, drop-off and pick-up fees are
more than just an annoyance; they are a direct hit to both business costs and to ease of travel. Companies facing constrained budgets may be forced to rethink or even cancel crucial work trips because of these
additional expenses.”

The report includes contributions from a range of travel companies, including Clyde Travel Management, DoHop, Honeywell, Greyline Chauffeurs, Criterion Hospitality and British Airways.