July 24, 2024

Blue Cube’s Bex Deadman on why the pandemic will, ultimately, bring positives for our industry

Bex Deadman, Managing Director of Blue Cube Travel, tells Bev Fearis, Editor of the Business Travel Magazine, why she believes the pandemic will bring long-term positives to the industry, elevating the status of travel management, bringing greater transparency, bringing the focus back to the people – instead of transactions – and giving the UK the chance to lead the way in establishing new standards relating to risk management and duty of care. She believes that the world has ultimately changed and the travel industry needs to accept that things will never be the same, and business travel will be reduced, but by switching the focus from cutting costs to asking why people need to travel, there is an opportunity for TMCs to help corporate clients take a different approach that will be better for everyone’s work life balance, and for the planet.

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