May 18, 2024

BA pumps millions into sustainable vehicles

British Airways is overhauling its ground support equipment at Heathrow Airport as part of its commitment to reducing emissions.

The multi-million pound investment will see it replace ground vehicles, moving towards hybrid or electric alternatives where available. 

Improvements include:  

  • Replacing more than 750 pieces of ground equipment, including fuel bowsers from fossil fuel to HVO
  • Replacing all diesel passenger aircraft steps with electric alternatives
  • Phasing out its fleet of 20 diesel-powered vehicles which support the loading and unloading of cargo containers onto aircraft, replacing them with Hybrid Electric models
  • Introducing 135 new electric baggage tugs, accounting for 40% of tugs, to transport customer’s luggage
  • Gradually phasing out all 38 diesel passenger buses over the next two years, with 23 expected to be fully electric and the remaining 15 operating on HVO fuel, with a large charging park at Heathrow now in the early stages of development. 

More than 90% of BA’s vehicles and ground equipment at Heathrow is already either zero emissions electrical equipment when being used or driven (hybrids), or are operating on hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) fuel. 

Tom Moran, British Airways’ Director of Heathrow, said: “At British Airways, we are committed to reaching net zero emissions by 2050 or sooner and our focus isn’t just about reducing emissions in the air, but on the ground too. 

“This major investment into our vehicles at Heathrow is our largest investment in more sustainable airport ground operations to date and is part of our wider environmental objective to minimise emissions from our airside ground operation.”