April 22, 2024

Aviation experts launch Cirium analytics platform

Data and analytics company Cirium has launched after a name change and a switch in its focus.

Known previously as FlightGlobal, Cirium says it analyses over 70 million passenger journeys and US$5 trillion worth of aircraft assets each year for essential market insights. It helps stakeholders such as airlines, airports, governments, metasearch specialists, travel management companies and financial institutions predict future market demand and make informed decisions on business strategies.

“Keeping the world moving is our day-to-day mission”, says Christopher Flook, CEO of Cirium. “In 1909 we were the first to record the earliest days of flight and now in 2019, as Cirium, we are uniquely positioned to reshape the wider travel industry with our data intelligence solutions.”

Average GDP growth is predicted to be between 2-3% this year according to several economic forecasts. With aviation linked so close to global GDP growth, businesses need well informed insights to forecast supply and demand challenges.

Cirium’s data and analytics divisions has brought solutions to market such as the web’s first aircraft valuations service and the first to automate the ticket waiver process during times of flight delays and cancellations.

The group grew its portfolio significantly through the acquisition of leading data intelligence companies, including Ascend, Innovata, Diio and FlightStats.

Cirium’s portfolio comprises Cirium Solutions which provides analytical tools and market insights, Cirium Professional Services providing services for aircraft and FlightGlobal publications.