May 26, 2024

ATPI Group unveils AI strategy at GBTA Conference

ATPI Group has pledged “significant investment” into AI in 2024, beginning with a planning phase from now until Spring 2024.

The TMC aims to use AI to add greater personalisation throughout the booking and travelling journey, eliminate tedious manual tasks, and tackle the problem of personnel shortages within the travel industry.

By using AI within the travel profile functionality, along with booking data and recent behaviour, ATPI plans to offer personalised recommendations.

With a 35% increase in technology investment, ATPI Group has updated and integrated its ‘Travel Hub’ within Microsoft Teams. The Group has also upgraded its mobile ‘On the Go’ app and invested in a new analytics platform for clients, to further enhance its data and reporting. 

Unveiling plans at this year’s GBTA + VDR Europe Conference in Hamburg, Katie Skitterall, Group Commercial Director at ATPI, said: “AI is the future and at ATPI Group we are dedicated to driving the industry forward and supporting the next generation of business travellers.

“We believe AI is the catalyst that will drive our industry forward, and we are calling on our friends in the sector to embrace AI rather than be fearful of the future.

“There’s potential with AI to allow for traveller personalisation and preferences – similar to that in leisure travel – while keeping travellers within the travel programme, trips within policy and people within one app.”