July 16, 2024

Amadeus suite highlights environmental impact of travel

Amadeus has introduced Travel Impact Suite, which provides the data and technology for travel sellers to highlight the environmental impact of a trip.

Integrating the Travalyst methodology, the Travel Impact Model, it enables sustainable decisions to be made relating to carbon emissions. 

The Travel Impact Suite is built on three pillars  – Inform, Mitigate and Compensate – allowing travel sellers to prioritise sustainable options.

Within the suite, Travel Impact Data Hub aggregates emissions data for travel activities covering flights, hotels, rail and cars.

It leverages partnerships with ACRISS, ICAO, Greentripper, Greenview and Travalyst and enables sellers to convey and manage consistent information about the environmental impact of travel options.

Travel Impact Explorer lets travel sellers query the Data Hub to retrieve the environmental impact of a specific travel activity or for a whole trip.

Plans are afoot to complement the suite with Travel Impact Booster, which will allow travellers and corporations to support carbon projects through an integrated catalogue, including the likes of CHOOOSE, Carbon Click and other Amadeus partners.

Joseph Beaudin, CEO of CHOOOSE, said: “The Travel Impact Suite makes it simpler for travel companies to access and distribute carbon offset and removal options, as well as Sustainable Aviation Fuel certificates (SAFc), into traveller journeys.”

Sally Davey, CEO of Travalyst, commented: “Travalyst aims to change the way people travel by giving them access to clear, consistent and credible information in order to make better decisions.”

Olivier Girault, Head of Sustainability Solutions, ESG Office at Amadeus, added: “With our integrated methodology with Travalyst and other bodies, we can ensure consistency and granularity in carbon emissions data, providing a unified approach across the travel industry.

“Amadeus aims to deploy the Travel Impact Suite across all touchpoints, reaching various traveller and travel types, from online travel agencies to corporate booking tools.”