May 18, 2024

Airbus extends HRS contract

HRS has extended a multi-year contract extension with Airbus.

One of the key goals is to maximise data insights from across Airbus’ worldwide hotel volume to drive more widespread use of HRS’ capabilities in all elements of the company’s accommodation program. 

Since 2018, Airbus has gradually expanded the use of HRS’ procurement, transient hotel booking and meetings-management technologies. 

Beyond improving performance metrics, HRS’ latest technologies will help to enhance the travel experience of Airbus’ global workforce. 

HRS is also helping Airbus steer more volume to its hotels with sustainable operations via HRS’ Green Stay Initiative. There is a particular focus on using preferred eco-friendly hotels in Toulouse and Hamburg, two of Airbus’ primary operation locations.

More than 600 hotel brands in 170+ countries participate in HRS’ Green Stay Initiative today. 

Tobias Ragge, CEO of HRS, said: “Airbus is among the select few global programmes to already grasp the recurring and growing gains a programme can record by utilising the fullness of our Lodging as a Service platform.

“We’re excited to do our part to help Airbus maximise the value of the totality of their lodging volume for years to come.”