New tool enhances safety and productivity

A new authorisation tool from travel and operation risk company Anvil enables travel managers to automatically factor traveller safety into their travel approval process.

Anvil’s new tool allows travel managers to include security aspects alongside budgetary factors without adding any unnecessary administrative burden to their workloads.

Matthew Judge, Anvil’s Group Managing Director says: “It’s so important that risk mitigation is seen as a key part of any pre-travel authorisation process.

“You need to understand the risks you could be exposing your travellers to and be able to properly assess those risks prior to any trip.”

He continues: “You then need to ensure that the appropriate risk mitigation measures are in place and are adhered to. This hasn’t always been easy but, with our new authorisation tool, we’re helping to simplify the process significantly.”

The tool, which is part of Anvil’s Riskmatics system, automatically cross-matches trip details against dynamic risk data provided through Anvil’s Threat and Risk Intelligence Service (TRIS).

If a trip is deemed higher risk, the manager will be then forwarded an alert they can approve, reject or request changes.

The traveller is then briefed on any additional precautions they may need to make during their trip. Low-risk trips pass through the approval system automatically.