Malaysia Airlines first for satellite tracking

Malaysia Airlines is the first airline to adopt a new satellite tracking service providing 100% global flight tracking data following a deal with SITAONAIR, Aireon and FlightAware technology providers.

This means the airline’s operations centre will be able to track aircraft in remote and oceanic airspace where there is currently no surveillance.

Introduced in the aftermath of flight MH370 three years ago the implementation of the new technology puts the carrier at the forefront of air tracking technology. No new avionics or modifications are needed for aircraft to take advantage of this service.

Aireon CEO Don Thoma said: “Malaysia Airlines has taken a lead role in the industry since the tragic events of 2014. Real-time, global flight tracking anywhere on the planet will further its safety goals by allowing Malaysia Airlines to track its aircraft anytime, anywhere.”

FlightAware CEO, Daniel Baker added: “In addition to not requiring any new avionics or modifications to their aircraft, Malaysia Airlines will seamlessly gain real-time flight tracking ability of its fleet, even in areas where regional Air Navigation Service Providers do not have full surveillance. The result will be that Malaysia Airlines will have greater visibility of its aircraft’s exact location.”

The new service is expected to be operational in 2018.