Evolvi users drive down rail costs

The average price of rail tickets purchased through the Evolving booking platform has fallen to £57.02 so far in 2017.

Average ticket values (ATV) for over one million users registered by Evolvi's TMC customer base have consistently defied year-on-year fare increases.

The ATV of £57.72 in 2016 compared to £59.03 in 2013, despite annual mandated increases of up to 3.9% over the period.

"The continued reduction in ATV in 2017 to £57.02 is testament to the ability of the Evolvi system to navigate the incredibly complex UK rail fares structure and present the best available fares options within a policy-driven environment, whether through the Evolvi GUI or web API," says Ken Cameron, Managing Director of Evolvi Rail Systems.

"The recently announced fares increases for 2018 will make smart rail booking and fulfilment channels such as Evolvi even more important, but we would also urge the government and Rail Delivery Group to accelerate its Rail Simplification programme in the expectation that a rationalised fares structure will ultimately deliver better value for the corporate market.".