Europeans most relaxed about travel safety

European travellers are less concerned about their safety and security abroad than their counterparts in other regions, according to research from Carlson Wagonlit Travel.

The TMC found one third (37%) of European travellers worry about safety while nearly half (47%) of travellers from the Americas are concerned about it. Asia Pacific travellers show the most concern at 56%.

The CWT Connected Traveller Survey of over 1,900 individuals also found two-thirds (67%) of business travellers believe travel is safer today than in the past as they have more tools at their disposal to mitigate safety concerns.

Terrorism ranks fifth (35%) among travellers’ worries, despite the high visibility of terrorist attacks. Forgetting something needed for work ranked higher (40%), as did losing something important (38%), being robbed or attacked (37%) and weather conditions (37%).

“Today’s travellers are sophisticated,” says Simon Nowroz, Chief Marketing Officer, Carlson Wagonlit Travel. “They’re signing up for alerts, they’re paying attention to the news and they use the available tools at their disposal. So while travel may seem risky, they’re taking steps to stay safe.”

The study additionally revealed Asia-Pacific travellers appear to be best prepared for disruption with more than half (52%) maintaining an up-to-date emergency contact profile compared to 38% in the Americas and 34% in EMEA.