Birmingham and BA among best performers

Birmingham Airport has the best on-time performance in the UK, while British Airways has been ranked the 10th most punctual large airline worldwide.

Data from OAG shows BA’s on-time performance (OTP) for 2017 hit 78.55% while easyJet was placed 15th with an OTP of 74.82%.

Japan Airlines was declared the most punctual large airline with an OTP of 85.27% while ANA was second and Delta Air Lines third.

The top 20 includes a broad geographic spread with six airlines from Asia Pacific, six European airlines, one airline from Latin America and seven North American airlines.

John Grant, Senior Analyst at OAG, said: “BA and easyJet are certainly holding their own amongst their global counterparts. In a highly competitive environment, it’s great to see the UK-based airlines reporting an impressive OTP.”

London Heathrow was declared the tenth most punctual airport worldwide in the ‘mega’ category with Tokyo Haneda topping the chart.

No UK airports made the top 20 in the ‘major’ and ‘large’ categories – in which Minneapolis St Paul and Osaka were respectively named most punctual – but Birmingham was crowned the best performing in the ‘medium’ category.

The airport was also the UK’s best performing airport for punctuality, followed by Liverpool – which was also ranked seventh best worldwide in the ‘small’ category – and then Belfast International, London City and Bristol.

Heathrow, Nottingham East Midlands, Glasgow, Edinburgh and London Gatwick completed the UK’s top ten.