BCD launches technology marketplace

BCD Travel has debuted SolutionSource, a one-stop shop of third party travel technology solutions for travel managers.

The portal offers recommendations and the enablement of third-party technologies to optimise travel programmes.

“By building an open platform, SolutionSource opens the door to emerging technologies for our clients,” says Yannis Karmis, Senior Vice President of Product Planning and Development, BCD.

The new product will allow travel managers to optimise spend, influence traveller behaviour and drive operational efficiencies by helping clients integrate technology partners into their programme.

SolutionSource also provides quick access to technologies in risk management, price assurance and flight disruption with partners including Freebird, Rocketrip, Fairfly and Yapta, with expansion to continue throughout the year.

“For technology partners, SolutionSource provides a platform to integrate their solutions and grow their reach within BCD’s global client base,” says Irina Matz, BCD’s Director of Product Planning.

“To enable these partners, we recognise the need to expose the right technology in a way that’s easily consumable and scalable.

“We’ll continue to develop standard APIs and developer tools to support our SolutionSource strategy.”